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SOUND MASKING SYSTEMS: Speech privacy is an important but  often overlooked aspect of many businesses and commercial environments.   The most obvious need for speech privacy is any environment when a potential client or employee must communicate personal information.  But, another aspect of speech privacy can also include employee efficiency.  Distractions from co-workers can be major drains on employee productivity and effectiveness.  Using small speakers and computer generated audio patterns, sound masking can provide speech privacy in small areas to entire buildings.  Clients will feel safe and secure communicating their needs and information and employees will be more productive.  Aspen Custom Electronics can design a sound masking system to meet your needs and budget and can show you just how important this technology can be to your environment.


CONTROL AND AUTOMATION SYSTEMS: A reliable control or automation system can control a variety of systems and help to deliver consistent results to clients and employees.  Control and automation systems can deliver energy efficiency and enhanced security.  Touch Panels can be customized to reflect your brand or provide detailed instructions, and keypads can reduce complex or complicated tasks to a simple button press.  System programming is the key to a successful control and automation system integration, which is why Aspen Custom Electronics employs multiple certified programmers to insure a successful system integration. 

PRESENTATION SYSTEMS: The ability to communicate information easily and effectively is important to any business which makes a quality presentation system a critical investment.   Wireless presentation systems can leverage existing IT infrastructure and make presentations from client devices easy for end-users.  Annotation can enhance presentation systems and help clients highlight their important presentation points.  To make sure everyone in the audience can see the presentation, video can be distributed to multiple displays and can be enhanced with additional video content.  When combined with a quality audio system your audience will be sure to understand every important point your presenter makes.

CLASSROOM TECHNOLOGY SYSTEMS: Today's students expect an interactive learning environment that is enhanced with the latest technologies.  Interactive whiteboards and video displays provide an immersive learning environment.  Wireless interactive presentation devices allow students to work in groups and share their results.  Capture your lectures and classroom activities using a Lecture Capture device.  Audio reinforcement in the classroom has been shown to improve the learning environment.  Of course classroom budgets can be challenging, Aspen Custom Electronics can help provide the best of classroom technology on a budget that can suit every institution's needs.  Aspen can also custom design a plan to support technology assets that will fit your budgeting needs.

PUBLIC ADDRESS SYSTEMS: The phrase “public address system” can carry different meanings to different people. Perhaps you need a system to communicate to a large audience in an auditorium, announce a sporting event, or play background music and make announcements to customers, any of these systems can be a public address system.  While public address systems can take many forms, audio quality and sound levels are the most important factors in any system.  Everyone has experienced the frustration of being able to hear but not understand an announcement or a time when an announcement was simply not loud enough.  Aspen Custom Electronics can help design a system to meet your specific communications needs, and provide the best quality audio to meet the needs of your clients.

AUDIO/VIDEO SYSTEMS: Audio/Video systems have become ubiquitous features in almost every environment, but they vary greatly in quality, flexibility and control.  In the past, audio/video technology has been viewed as a luxury or special feature in many environments, but this is no longer the case.  In today’s world, a quality A/V system is an important feature for communicating ideas and information and when a system doesn’t work as expected, isn’t reliable, or easy to use it can become the source of frustrating distractions.  Aspen Custom Electronics understands the need for a quality system and can design a system for your demanding requirements.  Most importantly, because of Aspen’s approach of designing a control system at the heart of any A/V system, you can rest assured that our systems will be easy to operate and reliable. 

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