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Stage Lighting: Light up the worship band as if it were a rock concert

Lighting Scenes:  Control and dim all of the lighting in your sanctuary with just a couple ​buttons

Automated Lighting Control: Automate your lights and other features, including sound and visual elements


Live Sound: We provide the best in mixing consoles and processors for all of your live sound needs

Sound Reinforcement: Amplify your live and pre-recorded audio to fill your entire space

Public Address Systems: Announce events and other closing remarks throughout your lobby for effective communication


Projectors: Project the lyrics, verses and calendar of events with crystal clear quality

Digital Signage: Welcome guests, Interactive maps and event promotion a few ways digital signage can help your congregation

Video Production and Distribution: Live stream audio and video from your events or capture and edit for sharing

Aspen Custom Electronics is a custom audio/video integrator so the only limit to what services we can provide is your creativity.  Here are some of our most requested services for Church projects: