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Artistic Lighting: Set the mood of your establishment with the perfect lighting​

Distributed Low-Voltage LED Lights: Reduce

energy usage​ with low voltage distributed LED systems

Automated Lighting and Climate Control: Control lighting and climate from a central location


Background Music: Set the mood for your customers with great audio

Public Address Systems: Announce customers birthdays, specials and other promotions clearly and easily

Acoustics: Room acoustics can enhance your guests experience 


Distributed Video: Display all your video content throughout your commercial space

Private Cable TV Networks: Perfect for sports bars; flip through channels and distribute them to all of your video displays for big games and other events

Digital Signage: Brand your business and reach all your clients with digital advertisements, logos and specials

Aspen Custom Electronics is a custom audio/video integrator so the only limit to what services we can provide is your creativity.  Here are some of our most requested services for Commercial projects: