Oklahoma State University – ENDEAVOR Undergrad Lab

By: Tommy Hall

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The Undergraduate Engineering and Technology, or the ENDEAVOR Lab at Oklahoma State University 72,000 square feet of space for students to let their imaginations run wild via technology. The building is equipped with a 35-foot wind tunnel, many 3D printers and even one 3D printer that prints using metal. A three-story drone testing area and numerous other technologies to test and prototype are available within the ENDEAVOR Lab. With all this technology available, some of the most amazing technologies are not even noticeable. One of those technologies is a central Evertz MMA-10G video system that interconnects all the laboratory spaces, three inclusive classrooms and one state-of-the-art collaborative classroom solution.

All the interconnected spaces are linked together to send and receive 4K video signals from anywhere in the building, while also being able to be scheduled and managed via Evertz VistaLink Pro system. The systems are then operated by the OSU-ITLE team, located across the campus. Each room and its control panel are custom programmed to fit the needs of the room and the users

  • Evertz AV Switchers

  • JBL Array Speakers

  • Biamp Digital Signal Processors

  • Shure MXA Ceiling Microphones

  • Planar Video Wall

  • Panasonic PTZ Cameras

Technology Used

The flagship room is the Collaborative Classroom. With seven Panasonic 80-inch touchscreens positioned around the room, everyone can participate and visibly see what is happening in class. At the podium, the professor can individually assign different screens throughout the room, as well as move annotations from the touchscreens throughout. When class is done, all notes can be saved and distributed to class participants. In addition, are two Panasonic AW-HE40H PTZ Cameras and two Shure MXA-910’s for all distance learning and recording purposes. Audio is played through JBL CBT-100LA’s. The digital signal processing is handled by a Dante enabled Biamp TesiraForte CI and powered by Crown DCi 2x300 Amplifiers.

In the main lobby of the building is a 65” Sony 4K Bravia display, showcasing the great donors that made the building possible. All the information supplied to the Donor Wall can be managed across campus by the OSU-ITLE team as well. In addition to all the rooms and labs for class, there are also huddle areas for students to socialize and work in between classes. When any of the displays are not being used locally, they automatically switch to digital signage, and then automatically switch to “local” content when the display receives an active signal.

All rooms are inter-connected with Belden single mode fiber optical cable. The building is the current focal point of the Engineering Program. Dean Paul Tikalsky was stated saying in reference to the building, “We are launching a new era in education that is turning the whole model to a forward vision of innovation”. Aspen Custom Electronics aims to continuously be innovative in their designs and integration projects. The ENDEAVOR Building is just one the latest education projects Aspen has helped create connection with.