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Pre-Paid Support Plan

Valley Communications Systems Service Plan provides an unparalleled level of support for our Clients. This plan allows Clients to pre-purchase hours, creating a bank of time to be used in servicing their equipment. The service hours may be purchased in ten-hour bundles. Unlike an extended warranty these hours do not expire, ensuring the full value is obtained.

Our certified technicians are trained to diagnose and repair a wide variety of products, including, but not limited to, audiovisual, security, telephony, network and broadcast equipment.

If a replacement part is needed and covered under warranty, we will uninstall the malfunctioning part and reinstall the replacement part provided by the manufacturer.

The Service Plan covers all travel and labor costs. Additional charges will apply for replacement parts outside of the manufacturer’s warranty. Each service visit will use a minimum of 
1 hour* from the plan. After the first hour time will be used in half-hour increments. 

* The minimum 1-hour use does not apply for remote assistance on applicable systems



Preventative Maintenance Support Plan

The Preventative Maintenance Program is intended to find potential issues before they occur, providing our Clients with two visits per year and quarterly remote check-ins on applicable systems. Each preventative maintenance visit provides our Clients with a comprehensive service report. This detailed report outlines all maintenance performed and provides a variety of valuable information for record keeping, including where applicable: 


  • Equipment Usage Reports

  • Equipment Cleaning & Preventative Maintenance 

  • Firmware Upgrades 

  • Tracking of Serial Numbers and Warranty Information by Location 

  • Recommendations for Lamp Replacements, Missing Parts, etc. 


This program covers all travel and labor costs. Additional charges will apply for replacement parts
outside of the manufacturer’s warranty. To be eligible for the program it must cover a minimum of five systems.


Premium Support Plan

The Premium Support Plan includes previous options on top of other optimal features.  The features include:


Professional video calibration The professional video calibration includes connecting a professional video testing device into the video system that will display various test patterns. Then adjusting all displays to have the highest quality image possible from that display. If a display is exhibiting issues, a report will be written describing the issue and possible resolutions. That report will be provided to the client the following day. Jensen Audio Visual will not be responsible for repairing any display that cannot perform as expected.


Professional audio tune up The professional audio tune up includes connecting a professional audio testing device to the audio system and utilizing specialized software to set proper audio levels and correct any equalization issues for the best possible audio experience the system is capable of producing. If no audio adjustment controls are available, the technician will not perform this maintenance.


Software and firmware updates The technician will determine upon first visit if and what devices that are part of the audio visual system are capable of software and/or firmware upgrades. If a firmware upgrade is available, the technician will install the new software/firmware to the device. This does not include computers or tablets. On occasion, a device can become unresponsive during a firmware upgrade. If this should occur during the maintenance, the technician will contact technical support for the device and begin a repair process. Jensen Audio Visual will not be responsible if this should occur. You can also elect not to have this service performed. The technician will provide you with a list of all devices that are eligible for a software/firmware upgrade prior to the upgrade and will proceed once permission is given.


Complete system function test Upon first maintenance, the technician will discuss with you the operation of your AV system. He will review any documentation or manuals with you so he has a clear understanding of how the system is supposed to operate. Then, prior to maintenance, the technician will verify the AV system operates in the manner described. Any existing issues will be documented and provided to the client in the maintenance report. If existing issues are found the technician will attempt to make repairs to the AV system to get it back to normal operation. If a device is found to be damaged or nonfunctional, the technician will discuss replacement options and the associated costs with you. All equipment repair or replacement costs will be the responsibility of the client. A additional 10% discount from our regularly low prices will be applied to any item that is purchased through Jensen Audio Visual during the length of the contract. This applies to all AV equipment purchased for this AV system only.


Anytime service calls Jensen Audio Visual will send a technician to your site during regular business hours M-F 8a-5p for any issues regarding your AV system within (72) hours of your call. This maintenance contract includes up to (24) hours of anytime service. Once the included (24) hours is reached, a discounted service rate of $85/ hr. will be billed for any additional time spent. The reduced rate will apply until the contract has ended.


Rapid response service calls Jensen Audio Visual will dispatch a technician during regular business hours for any issues regarding your AV system within (4) hours of your call twice per contact period. If additional rapid response calls are required, they will be billed at our regular premium rate of $150/hr