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Daylight Harvesting: Use sunlight to lower energy costs by twenty to sixty percent 

Low-Voltage LEDs: Reduce consumption​ with our low voltage distributed LED systems

Automated Lighting Control: Turn on or off lights and adjust temperature in response to events 


Sound Masking: Cover up background conversations and chatter with digital ambient audio

Conferencing Microphone Systems: Quality microphones that you can count on to work effectively and reliably

Public Address Systems: Announce reports, news and other pertinent information, clearly and with ease


Video Conferencing: Hold meetings with multiple people from across the globe with great picture and audio

Digital Signage: Display interactive touch panels with an interface that allows for unlimited interaction

Meeting Captures and Archival Recordings: 

Dependably record video and other valuable information

Aspen Custom Electronics is a custom audio/video integrator so the only limit to what services we can provide is your creativity.  Here are some of our most requested services for Government projects: