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Security Lighting: Automatically turn on lights to ensure a safe and secure living environment

Low-Voltage LEDs: Reduce consumption​ with our low voltage distributing LED systems

Automated Lighting Control: Control lights and climate to reduce energy and maintenance cost


Distributed Data Networks: Allow access to the internet by spreading data drops throughout

Wi-Fi Networking: Create great Wi-Fi for your guests and tenants

Structured Wiring: Distribute audio, video, data and communications effectively and easily to each room in the living space


Secure Common Area AV Systems: Easy to control and highly secure audio/video systems for common areas




Digital Signage: Advertise effectively and visually with networked digital signage systems

Outdoor Entertainment Systems: Great quality outdoor audio and video; enhance guest/tenant experience and can be controlled and monitored centrally

Aspen Custom Electronics is a custom audio/video integrator so the only limit to what services we can provide is your creativity.  Here are some of our most requested services for Multi-Family projects: