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Need an audio-visual, home automation or network system? Aspen Custom Electronics designs and installs fully integrated residential and commercial systems. Enjoy optimal control, ease of use and reliable products from nationally recognized experts.

Aspen Custom Electronics began years ago in Matt Hall's mind as a vision of where the consumer electronics field was moving. Passionate about solidifying that dream, Matt and Melissa Hall took a trip to New Mexico to brainstorm what the future held. As they wove together the final details of the business, Matt and Melissa looked around at the Aspen trees - what better name for their infant company than the place it was born. Right there, Aspen Custom Electronics became more than just a vision - it became a reality and soon catapulted into a regional leader within the custom electronics industry.


Aspen Custom Electronics' team is ready to meet your need. Seldom do you find a group both extremely technically savvy and personable in communications. Never again feel confused about your electronics system or unsure what your installer is explaining. Get to know more about the team that is raising the standard throughout the electronics industry, and then contact Aspen directly to get started making your needs; your wishes become an easy reality.