Oklahoma State University – Spears School of Business

By: Tommy Hall

Technology is transforming higher education, but perhaps nowhere is that change more evident or exciting than at the Spears School of Business at Oklahoma State University.  The project required a design of sophistication, collaboration, and a minimalistic yet visually spectacular environment.


For the Spears School of Business, Oklahoma State University and Aspen Custom Electronics created a truly immersive experience without an obtrusive atmosphere for its estimated 8,500 students and 150 faculty members. The building includes a 6ft x 6ft LED Planar video wall and JBL Line Array speakers to provide students with notifications and engaging experience for students to watch away sporting events. Similarly, the most extravagant classroom, Watson Trading Floor incorporates a 32-panel led stock ticker to keep students up-to-date while they learn via the Evertz system displayed on the multiple 2x2 NEC Video Walls. 

  • Evertz AV Switchers

  • JBL Array Speakers

  • Biamp Digital Signal Processors

  • Shure MXA Ceiling Microphones

  • Planar Video Wall

  • Panasonic PTZ Cameras

Technology Used

Additionally, each room is equipped with cutting edge technology developed by broadcast leader and Audiovisual new comer, Evertz Microsystems. The technology allows for anyone in the entire building to distribute 4K resolution presentations throughout the building with virtually zero latency. In addition, the systems are virtually the same, allowing any instructor to work the system with ease and let them focus on their presentations. Majority of classrooms are equipped with HD Panasonic PTZ cameras and Shure Ceiling Array microphones to allow for distance learning students to be given a true experience of attendance when they are unable to be present. All classrooms equipped with these technologies are then live streamed and recordings are made for students to go back and review materials.


A major challenge that related to each element of this project was the strict time-frames that were applied to the installation.  The project was given a time frame of three months, and that was only after the construction manager was able to hand over the ownership of the building. Aspen Custom Electronics completed installation and programming of this $2.5M dollar project in the tight time frame to avoid disrupting the university’s semester schedule.. Because of its enhancements to the education process, The Spears School of Business is now the pinnacle classroom building on the campus, is gaining national recognition and national awards for its outstanding facilities and programs. Aspen Custom Electronics and Oklahoma State University together, developed the Spears School of Business a truly one-of-a-kind educational facility.