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Lighting Control: Regulate lighting levels for increased energy savings

Automated Shades: Control the shades in your classrooms with the tap of a button 

Low-Voltage LEDs: Reduce consumption​ with low voltage distributing LED systems


Sound Reinforcement: Amplify audio and voice to ensure that all students are able to hear and understand lectures 

Audio Distribution: Distribute audio from one location across multiple rooms or even between buildings 

Acoustical Treatments: Reduce unwanted sound and other background noise to make speech clearer and easier to understand


Interactive Classrooms: Help students learn more efficiently by providing hands on capabilities with annotation and interactive projectors


Distance Learning: Help non-traditional students have a better education experience by effectively broadcasting classes

Lecture Capture: Record lectures and classroom presentations digitally for students and for distance learning opportunties

Aspen Custom Electronics is a custom audio/video integrator so the only limit to what services we can provide is your creativity.  Here are some of our most requested services for University projects: