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Audio Visual Consulting

Whether you are designing a classroom, event center or a house of worship, audio visual products are critical to their success. It is paramount that the equipment works, and is easy to use. Including an audio visual consultant can help provide solutions that meet these needs and then some. Trust Aspen Custom Electronics to create those connections. 




It is difficult to design a place that must be prepared for every scenario. Whether it be for a concert, a non-profit event, graduation, speeches, and weddings to name a few. Not to mention all the various types of performances. Luckily, a consultant can work with you to navigate this problem, by developing one audio visual system to meet all the potential needs.


Conference Rooms

15% of time at work is spent in meetings. That adds up to a lot of decisions being made for the growth of your company. Studies also show it takes an average of 23 minutes to solve technical issues in meeting rooms. That can be a lot of time wasted not spent on growing your company. When you work with knowledgeable consultants, you can significantly reduce the chances of technical issues, and build businesses better. 


Production Studios

One of the most complex scenarios and all the equipment that is needed is production studios. Video has taken over many environments such as collegiate athletics, houses of worship, e-sports, lecture halls, as well as all kinds of other venues. Trust an expert to work with you on creating the most optimal production and post-production studios to develop your content, as well as your reach. 


Educational spaces today are filled with audio visual equipment to increase engagement and delivery of the message. But how do these pieces together, and with so many options on the market, what do you choose? Working with a consultant can help you navigate those decisions, so you can spend more time focusing on your content


What is AV Consulting/Design?

Technology today is ever changing, and growing more and more crucial to the continued success for your business. Because of how important technology is becoming, it is important to provide the necessary tools for your business to grow. But with such a constantly changing products, how are to know what to provide?

That is where an Audio Visual consultant comes in. Majority of audio visual consultants, are constantly evaluating and inspecting products to ensure the proper products are provided for each of their clients. This would include inspecting reputations, warranties, values and the features of each product. After all, the client will be the one using these products daily after the integration is complete. 

So, you have decided to contact an audio visual consultant, but how do you know which company to contact with? This typically can be decided by looking at the size of project and the overall intent. Large consultants often times coordinate with other parties, and not end-users resulting in something that doesn't quite fit the clients ultimate desires and is the same design provided for another organization.  Enter Aspen Custom Electronics. Aspen Custom Electronics, consults directly with the client, providing unique solutions. We also work for you the client, rather than the third-party involved in your project. 

When you work with Aspen Custom Electronics, we start with a personalized evaluation, a custom design, demonstrations of products, all the necessary documents, and an overall product you are happy with and confident in for years to come. Aspen creates connections between the technologies and the client, to bring your visions into realities.

Because, audio visual equipment has become so important to your businesses success, don't wait to bring in an AV until the last minute. It can be just as crucial to bring in an AV consultant as early as the architects. Too often, AV is left till the last piece, and often times organizations are wishing they were brought in sooner. 

Choosing the right AV consultant can effect the audio visual technology that the organization depends on long after the project is finished. So don’t choose any audio visual consultant, trust in Aspen Custom Electronics where AV is done right.

Audio Visual Consulting Company Aspen Custom Electronics in Oklahoma

Some Places AV Consulting Is Needed

  • K/12 Classrooms

  • Exhibit Halls

  • Production Studios

  • Houses of Worship

  • Stadiums and Arenas

  • Corporate Offices

  • Hotel Meeting Spaces

  • Hospital Spaces

  • E-Sports Venues

  • Concert Halls

  • Courtrooms

  • College Campuses

  • Training Rooms

  • Huddle Spaces

  • Restaurants

  • Rental Spaces 

  • Performance Theaters

  • Distance Education

  • Multi-Family Living

  • Amusement Centers

  • Public Parks

  • Clubs/Breweries/Bars

  • Museums

  • Government Facilities

  • Athletic Centers

  • Expo Centers

  • & Much More!

They are simply the best. The best people and the best company to work with!
- A. Majors

Major Projects

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