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4 Commercial Audio Visual (AV) Design Examples To Inspire Your Next Installation

4 Commercial Audio Visual (AV) Design Examples To Inspire Your Next Installation

Beautiful and functional commercial AV design starts by finding the right expertise for your needs.

Stuck on the design for your next commercial AV installation? Aspen Custom Electronics can get you unstuck quickly.

We are a team of certified and experienced commercial AV installation professionals who take pride in designing beautiful and functional AV installations that solve problems, surpass goals, and improve authentic interactions for our clients.

Some of our most successful commercial AV design projects have been for clients like these:

  • First Christian Church

  • Oklahoma State University, Tulsa

  • Osage Nation

  • University of Oklahoma

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help with your next commercial AV installation, book a call with an Aspen expert—we’d love to hear from you!


You can have all the relevant, top-of-the-line AV equipment, but those using the equipment won’t be satisfied if your commercial AV design misses the mark.

To inspire your next audio visual design project, we’ve collected four examples of effective, beautiful installations that work well for everyday use.

4 Commercial AV Design Examples That Inspire

The following case study stories are from Aspen clients who were all able to create attractive spaces that successfully connected people seamlessly, both virtually and in-person while meeting a variety of different goals.

1. First Christian Church

First Christian Church - Commercial AV Design

Based in Perry, Oklahoma, First Christian Church was met with an unexpected problem — a lightning strike shorted out its entire AV system, rendering many of the electronics unusable. The church quickly brought in Aspen Custom Electronics, who lent placeholder equipment while diving into an upgraded AV system design.

The new installation included:

  • A Tricaster system that easily livestreams to popular sites like Facebook and YouTube and performs graphic overlays like logos or song lyrics

  • A touchscreen QSC mixer to quickly adjust audio volume

  • Two pan tilt zoom (PTZ) cameras that remotely change camera angles and zoom depth

Aspen also tackled a commercial AV solution for First Christian Church’s overflow room. The church’s previous technology included cumbersome wires and required remote controls, creating a steep learning curve. The new design consists of:

  • Two DLP laser projectors to allow for a bright, clear video displays

  • A Crestron controller interface that allows people to change volumes and switch video inputs without the use of a remote control or advanced technical knowledge

  • A network based video (NDI) system that enables the overflow room to see and hear the program from the main sanctuary.

2. Oklahoma State University, Tulsa

Oklahoma State - Commercial AV Design

In the wake of COVID-19, Oklahoma State University’s Tulsa campus needed to upgrade its systems for remote learning with the help of an audio visual design group.

Aspen Custom Electronics was a long-time trusted partner, having designed the campus’ commercial AV system in 2018. Campus leaders and Aspen worked together on a commercial AV design that would quickly provide students with a high-quality learning experience while setting them up for long-term hybrid learning solutions.

The system included 30 classrooms with these features:

  • Zoom functionality so getting to class virtually was easy

  • Ceiling microphones that allowed students and professors throughout the room to be heard online clearly no matter how far they are from the front of the room

  • PTZ cameras that display the classroom at all angles

  • A network of Dante microphones that plug directly into any laptop type

3. Osage Nation

Osage Nation - Commercial AV Design

Headquartered in Oklahoma, Osage Nation is the federally recognized Native American government. Its buildings include space for judicial, executive, and congress operations. Some of these operations were to be held in a newly purchased former bank built in the late 1920s.

The government’s commercial AV design needed to support acoustics and video for sessions, as well as record public meetings for distribution online. It included speakers and cameras, as well as an advanced microphone system to accommodate the building’s complex acoustical space. The microphones had to:

  • Distribute audio effectively in a marble and concrete room

  • Accommodate a wide range of presenters from soft-spoken to loud

  • Record sound evenly no matter the volume range

Aspen installed wireless gooseneck microphones with an audio mixer built into their signal processor. No matter who is speaking, these microphones automatically adjust to the presenter’s speaking voice.

4. University of Oklahoma

University of Oklahoma - Commercial AV Design

The University of Oklahoma was looking to upgrade its audio visual design for one large room that could be divided into a set of five rooms using accordion air walls. This particular room had many purposes, from classroom use to hosting an annual board of regents meeting that required projecting video content throughout the room.

To serve a wide range of needs, Aspen Custom Electronics installed an eight-foot projector lift that would drop out of the ceiling when in use. When not in use, it would retract into the ceiling.

An AVoIP system distributed the projector’s audio and video feeds, which allows the University of Oklahoma staff to configure the rooms in any way they choose. For example, they can take two adjacent rooms and combine them into both screens, take the main ballroom and project it across all the rooms at once, or simply use each room individually.

Looking to level up your commercial AV design? Check out Aspen Custom Electronics.

Aspen Custom Electronics has been working with commercial spaces of all types for more than 14 years. Our staff has a combined 50+ years of experience in AV design.

The Aspen Custom Electronics team has completed more than 580 projects on time and on budget throughout the southwest region of the United States. We always select the most advanced technology available, sourced from our certified, high-quality manufacturing partners.

While we pride ourselves on our expertise in and knowledge of the tech industry, we are problem-solvers first and foremost. We want to help you achieve your goals and connect with people effectively and efficiently through the use of technology. If you’d like to learn more about how we can help with your next commercial AV installation, contact us.


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