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Meet Aspen: An Audio Visual Company Serving Oklahoma City

Meet Aspen: An Audio Visual Company Serving Oklahoma City

While audio visual companies in Oklahoma City abound, only one has all the qualities you need to make your project shine.

Aspen Custom Electronics is an audio visual (AV) company native to Oklahoma. We provide exceptional AV installation and consulting services in the OKC area, and have a reputation for building AV systems that boost engagement, foster connection, and bring out the best in our clients’ spaces.

When you partner with us, you can expect to:

  • Work with tech industry experts who focus on developing long-lasting, high-performing systems

  • Recieve design notes and products that meet your needs and budget

  • Gain a meaningful partnership with AV experts who care about connection

  • Receive training from us on your new system, ensuring you can start using it right away

  • Foster better engagement with your customers through great AV!

We also support the booming vo-tech educational system in OK, helping students and instructors statewide to connect and learn. For audio installation near OKC and AV systems that impress, look to Aspen.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can work together to achieve your AV goals, fill out the form here and we’ll get in touch!

Even if your AV vision is still taking shape, now is the best time to seek out a knowledgeable partner. There are three main types of providers to choose from:

  • Professional AV Sales—These companies are the B&Hs, CDWs, and even Guitar Centers of the AV world. They’re online sellers that provide a vast array of AV equipment pieces—and if you can install them yourself, they’ll provide great sideline support in picking out products.

  • AV ConsultantsA consultant is an AV designer that provides creative guidance (not installation) for your AV project. They essentially serve as an impartial third party; they’re not motivated by profit, but they do usually receive a percent of the total value of your project. Consultants can design systems, but they don’t install systems, so they don’t always know what works well together.

  • AV Integrators—The Swiss Army Knives of the AV world, integrators like Aspen design AV systems, sell products, install equipment, troubleshoot problems, and support you throughout the process. They have to know a product inside and out to know how to install it. While integrators are somewhat financially motivated by the product they sell you, the majority of their profit comes from labor costs, so they’re also motivated to work hard and troubleshoot systems efficiently.

Aspen is an AV integrator; our expert team has been designing, building, and supporting high-performance audio visual and broadcast environments for clients since 2007. As the best choice for audio visual near OKC, we’re passionate about helping you achieve your vision, and guarantee that the environment we create will allow you to connect more meaningfully with your audiences.

Some of the OK industries we’ve built stunning AV systems for include:

Event Spaces

We have intimate knowledge of how event spaces should inspire engagement and achieve attendee satisfaction through AV. Some of the event spaces we’ve built (and revamped) AV systems for include:

  • Spark at Scissortail Park

  • Sparrow Event Center

  • Stillwater YMCA

Sports Venues

When a sports event doesn’t look or sound right, spectators don’t experience the game as intended. We’ve installed top-of-the-line AV systems for:

  • National Wrestling Hall of Fame

  • Boone Pickens Stadium

  • Stillwater High School Football Stadium

Government/Military Facilities

In recognition of our high-level expertise, we were recently included on a state government list of approved AV contractors for state and local governments entities to work with. This achievement required us to present our expertise, projects, and financial strengths to the government for in-depth evaluation—and Aspen’s team impressed yet again!

As we’ve proven to governmental review boards, our experienced touch is suited to AV systems in classified areas. We meet all the regulations and standards needed to provide AV for government and military institutions like:

  • Tinker Air Force Base

  • Osage Nation

  • Payne County Courthouse

  • City of Stillwater

Education Spaces

We’ve designed a number of helpful AV systems for vo-tech and higher education institutions like:

  • Northern Oklahoma College

  • University of Oklahoma

  • Oklahoma State University, Tulsa

  • ConocoPhillips Alumni Association

Religious Institutions

We’ve worked with a number of churches to install AV systems that foster deeper connection during services, including:

  • Ponca City First United Methodist Church

  • Countryside Church

The Aspen team is experienced and caring, and ready to be your go-to AV integrator in OK. Whether you’re a retail space or an event venue, contact us so we can help your vision become a reality!


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