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  • Travis Middleton

5 Best Microphones To Help Dominate Any Presentation

5 Best Microphones To Help Dominate Any Presentation

There’s nothing worse than the high-pitched screech that comes after a speaker taps the mic and says, “Testing…”

The good news is that better technology can prevent bad audio experiences. Any of what we’ve deemed the “best” microphones for presentations below should do the trick, and help elevate the professionalism of your event.

The 5 Best Microphones For Presentations

This list of hand-picked microphones from our team of experienced audio visual (AV) professionals covers microphone options for presenters in conference rooms, classrooms, and on the stage.

Stationary Microphones

In settings like a small classroom or conference room, you don’t want to pass a handheld microphone around. Instead, you’ll need a stationary microphone that evenly picks up audio throughout the room and enhances the experience for those attending virtually.

The microphones on this list are beamforming, which means they focus their attention on where the sound is coming from in a room, regardless of where they are placed. They also sync with cameras to provide a great virtual meeting experience.

For large conference rooms, Shure’s MXA910 is an inconspicuous, sleek microphone that fits easily into a square ceiling tile space.

Best microphone for presentations - Shure MXA910 - Aspen Custom Electronics

This microphone won’t detract from the aesthetics or design of your conference room, and is particularly handy in very large conference or board rooms where there is a lot of room to cover.

Shure’s MXA310 is a microphone with similar functionality to the MXA910.

Best microphone for presentations - Shure MXA310 - Aspen Custom Electronics

This option is a good fit for smaller conference rooms or classrooms, and is a more budget-friendly option than the MXA910.

This ceiling-mounted presentation microphone is similar to Shure’s MXA910, but can be paired with a control system to auto-adjust and focus a camera on presenters throughout the room.

Best microphone for presentations - Sennheiser TeamConnect Ceiling 2 - Aspen Custom Electronics

You can use a control system and Sennheisher microphone together to identify “zones” within a room. If the microphone picks up sound from Zone A, as an example, it then directs the camera to point to Zone A as well.

Portable Microphones

Professors, pastors, performers, or others presenting in large rooms will need to carry their mics with them, preferably something hands-free. That means they’ll need a microphone that comes with a beltpack and headset.

This digital microphone system from Shure gives presenters the option to use either a handheld or a hands-free microphone.

Best microphone for presentations - Shure ULX-D Digital Wireless System - Aspen Custom Electronics

Shure is one of the most well-known and popular providers of wireless handheld microphones. The belt pack comes with a lavalier mic that clips onto a shirt; there’s also a headset for multiple hands-free options.

This digital wireless system can also handle high-channel density—several microphones in one area—without fear of audio drop-outs. In a church, for example, a pastor, the choir and other speakers can all have their own microphones and be heard clearly.

Last but not least, Sennheiser’s Evolution Wireless Digital Series is another popular option for a microphone system that has a handheld microphone as well as hands-free solutions for presenters.

Best microphone for presentations - Sennheiser Evolution Wireless Digital Series - Aspen Custom Electronics

Much like the Shure system, the Sennheiser system can handle several microphones in one place at a time. The best microphone is the one that gives your audience the best experience.

It’s easy to focus on the needs of your presenter when considering the best microphone for your system, but the needs of your audience should come first.

For example, a microphone that clips onto a speaker’s shirt might be more comfortable than a headset or earpiece for your speaker, but could also be distracting if it rubs against loose clothing.

At Aspen Custom Electronics, we’re intent on solving our customers’ specific audio needs. To make sure your speakers and audience have a great experience every time—contact us for a free consultation.


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